Matic Home Service Office in Dubai

Our Story

Matic Services, was founded in 2015, as a marketplace connecting customers with highly qualified and registered cleaners in Dubai.It has now extended to cities across the GCC – to Abu Dhabi, Doha, Dammam, Riyadh and Beirut.

The idea was conceived when the founders, two friends, couldn’t find a maid service in Dubai that took the time to understand their individual expectations. While many companies provided housekeeping services, their knack for creating better systems led them to chart a new way for booking home services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, Dammam or Beirut!

Short for khadamatic (Arabic for ‘your services’), Matic was conceived to fulfil the need for a one-stop shop for all home cleaning services. From there, Matic’s co-founders paved their own path to becoming Dubai’s premiere destination for home cleaning services by building a website and mobile app allowing people to book a maid, in just a few clicks.

Matic is now behind the GCC’s largest and only state of the art cleaning marketplace. It’s accessible to all – anyone who cares about keeping a happy home is welcome.


Our Promise

At MATIC, we turn your house into a home. Our approach to personable homecare includes discretion, confidentiality and expertise. With each home, safety and satisfaction is paramount, that’s why MATIC understands the importance of hiring the right maids and service professionals to suit the individual needs of our clients across the GCC.

Our MATIC Care Team has gone through countless interviews and hours of training to maintain the MATIC standard of perfection. We aim to achieve more than the standard homecare experience to provide premier and reliable services to the most discerning customers.

From guaranteed satisfaction to affordable care, let MATIC into your home to upgrade and ease your life; it won’t feel like a business burden once you meet our family. Any time you feel overwhelmed or chaos has struck your daily routine, it’s comforting to know you can turn to MATIC for a seamless booking with a highly qualified cleaner.

Dubai’s all encompassing home services online portal is the first of its kind, and you won’t find the same consistency or compatibility with anyone other than MATIC. We all have the same chores: making sure our homes are spotless, our clothes clean, our appliances functional, that’s why for every problem we have a solution that is just a few buttons away. We’re providing families with a comprehensive guide to obtain the ultimate home life, without any hassle or difficulty.

Our Quality Control Team works with you to ensure you receive nothing but the promises we make.